Cats Facts

Lottie speed is 0.6 (60%) and loops but doesn't change direction before loop
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    7 Fun Facts About Cats

    1. Do you like to sleep? Cats do! They sleep around 15 hours per day (70% of their lives). 
    2. When cat purring, they sometimes heal themselves. Cats' muscles and bones can repair with a purr frequency. 
    3. Cats are lactose intolerant, do not give milk to the cats. 
    4. Cats can jump approx 6x of its body lenght! 
    5. Cats have unique noses. They are like fingerprints for humans.
    6. Petting the cat can be beneficial for your health.
    7. Studies found that cats' dominant paw is left. Unlike humans, there are only 10% of left-handed people in the world.